Master Lee Chang-Chih Presentation

10th generation Chen style Taiji Quan inheritor, master Lee learned traditional martial arts and medicine since childhood, including natural medicine, homotherapy, chiropractic, sports medicine, etc.

The body posture we adopt in present days affect the internal organs. Through the “dynamic and static nourishment" medical treatment, we can improve one’s body immunity, healing power to improve muscle and bone pain, treatment of medical diseases, adjuvant treatment of cancer, postoperative adjustment and rehabilitation.

In 2003, master Lee has been qualified as an international acupuncture physician by the World Acupuncture and Moxibustion Federation.

Health-preserving exercises help promote physical and mental health and provide exclusive dialectical treatment. Clinical treatment, adjusted with drugs can regulate body functions, and acupuncture and moxibustion can unblock the meridians, qi and blood.  Traditional massage is also used to correct the skeleton, paired with exercises to enhance vitality and repair power, and get rid of evil qi.

These medical treatments can treat cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal hepatobiliary, men’s and women’s diseases, neurological or immune system dysfunctions as well as other intractable diseases.


  • Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine – Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • National Taiwan Normal University – Master of Sports and Leisure Management Institute.
  • Soochow University – Department of Law.
  • International Cultural Exchange University (IOU) – Doctorate in martial arts.

Medical expertise:

  • Acupuncture and massage
  • Spinal adjustment
  • Autonomic nervous system disorders
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary diseases
  • Various sports injuries
  • Complimentary cancer medicine

Health improvement exercises and martial arts expertise:

  • Taijiquan:
    Taiji Health Kungfu, Eight-Style Taiji of Happy Life, Thirteen Styles of Internal Taichi, Zheng Zi Tai Chi, Yang Style Tai Chi, Chen Style Tai Chi and so on.
  • Traditional martial arts:
    Shaolin Changquan, Taiwan Zhanquan, Bajiquan, Xingyiquan, Bagua Zhang, Grappling, Self-defense.
  • Weapons:
    Swords, Staffs, etc.
  • Qi Gong exercises to nourish vitality:
    Ba Duan Jin, Yi Jin Jing, Xi Sui Jing, Youlong Huichun Gong, Daoyin Qi Gong, Hua Tuo Wu Qin Xi, meditation, breathing exercises, etc.
  • Traditional Therapies:
    Injury massage, spine rehabilitation, foot reflexology, Nutrition, acupuncture, and similar therapies, Flower spirit, etc.
  • Planning Management:
    Martial arts consultant, sports physical and mental integration, senior sports planning, leisure and health planning, Companies health seminars, etc.

Medias (TV, Radio, News, …):

  • TVBS “Health 2.0” show, News “Focus 2.0” show, Sanli TV channel, Zhongshi TV channel, People’s TV channel, …
  • Zhongguang Rasdio, Hakka Radio, Zhongguang Report, Hansheng Radio, Zhengsheng Radiao, Asia Radio, Xinsheng Radio, …

Printed medias:

  • Next Magazine, Hong Kong Daily, Health 100 Magazine, Shuanghewan, Health 2.0, Yushan Weekly Health Column, Taiwan Featured.
  • Appearances on the cover of: the North Internal Medicine Weekly News, Wisdom Good Program, APP Interview, Korean WOMA Martial Arts Magazine

Mainland China TV:

  • Jiangsu Channel “Wan Jia Deng Huo” program.

Personal Publications:

Pocket Books:

  • “A Complete Guide to Avian Influenza”: Simple epidemic prevention manual, with advices on lifestyle habits and daily prevention exercises for health promotion.
  • “Chinese Kung Fu-Monkey Lord": Explanation of the various schools of Chinese Kung Fu, and their development as seen in Taiwan in modern times.

Multimedia Books Series:

  • “Tai Chi is too popular"(Chinese and English): First book to offer 3D virtual teaching videos, aiming at amending and improving the most common problems encountered during practice.
  • “Yi Jin Jing" (Chinese and English): The world’s first meridian Qigong teaching in a digital format.
  • “Ba Duan Jin" (Chinese and English): perfect meridian digitization project, combining the odd meridian and eight meridians and the natural elements of Bagua, it also aims to simplify the understanding of Ba Duan Jin.
  • “LOHAS Tai Chi" (Chinese and English). Digital presentation of energy flows, allowing Tai Chi concepts to be more easily understood by the masses, in a goal to improve the acknowledgment and internationalization of Tai Chi.
  • “Wu Qin Xi" (Chinese and English): Presentation of the five internal organs, five animals, five elements and five colours with 3D visual animations, as well nutrition and exercises tips for the different organs.
  • “Tai Chi DNA" (Chinese and English). Animated presentation of the “spiral winding silk” techniques of Tai Chi, and the rotation of Dantian energy, through isolated special Tai Chi exercises to enhance body vitality and promote health.

Health Improvement Books Series:

  • “Worship the solar terms as a teacher": Puts forward the health-preserving methods, acupuncture points, and teas, and their health-preserving characteristics, following the 24 solar terms. Also includes healthy soups recipes to combine nutrition with above methods.
  • “My Kung Fu teacher is Li Bai": Divided in ten major health themes, the book aims on pairing Chinese language studies with martial arts, to enhance morality and health, promote parent-child interactions, following traditional culture.
  • “Heart Nourishing and Diseases Healing Tai Chi": Use Tai Chi to “loosen", “slow down", “round up" and “soften" your rigid body with deep relaxation massages.

Published in Mainland China:

  • “Minimalist Taichi": Tai Chi essence presentation in video, accessible with scanning a QR-Code. Published by Phoenix Media Group, Jiangsu, China.

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